The Quebec City Coliseum is described as modern, open and friendly with its 18,000 seats. This imposing building with unique architecture has been an unifying and motivating project for all those who have had the chance to participate.

Polybois worked to build this new Coliseum by obtaining a major contract in architectural woodwork. This major project is a good example of the exploitation of new trends and, by extension, the integration of various materials including wood acrylic, quartz, solid surfaces and metal.

In particular, and following the plans and specifications of architects, the Polybois' team manufactured the 78 corporative lodges, 3 prestigious corporative lodges including the bunker and club lodge, as well as the cloakroom for players, counters for drinks with the sophisticated bar of the club area, the VIP bar, the bar of the mezzanine and finally, vanities in bathrooms and the tickets section.